"In recognition of your excellent achievements this month, we are proud to offer you a $10,000 bonus!" Relax, it was just a joke! We realize you can't break the bank to reward that special employee who went above and beyond, but you sure can make his or her day by saying "thank you" in a way that will convey your satisfaction, make his or her peers jealous, and maybe even motivate them to work extra hard next month! Talk about killing three birds with one stone!

ThisIsHollywood.com has ideas for your employee of the month - and they go beyond the traditional gift certificate to a local restaurant. Instead of giving your dedicated employees simple gifts, why not make it a monthly tradition by handing out employee of the month recognition awards?

We highly recommend employee award trophies for those do-gooders. Such gifts are sure to hearten your employee, and it's something he or she will never forget, or discard. We have a unique and expansive selection of award trophies and options, including:

For that extra-special employee who reached for the proverbial stars - you know - maybe saving the company from financial ruin - you might want to offer an employee award that's a bit more substantive. In such cases, your employees are not just special, they're borderline celebrities, especially in your eyes. Why not treat them as such? We can help you roll out the red carpet by offering up tokens of your appreciation like:

Customized Employee Awards:

Nothing says "thank you" better than a customized award trophy for that special employee. An employee of the month recognition trophy bearing the person's name, month and year makes it uniquely theirs, and is something they are sure to show to all of their friends and family - not to mention something they will display on their desks as a reminder to their green-with-envy peers of their "superiority!" You may choose from the following:

So there you have it - a few bucks, and you can get yourself the gift that keeps on giving - a motivated employee, and envious co-workers who no doubt will kiss up to you more in the hopes of receiving next month's employee of the month award. Priceless!

Buy Hollywood Films Gift Sets

Buy Hollywood Films Gift Sets
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Buy Customized Trophies
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Buy 24K Gold Deluxe Trophy

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Employee Awards: A Job Well Done!

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