Youre a Hollywood diehard you never miss a movie, and youre up to date on all of your favorite celebs. Your movie collection is unsurpassed. Your friends view your home as a movie mecca. And why shouldnt they? You have turned part of your home in to a home theater, with a state-of-the-art projection screen and surround sound that accentuates every decibel. Youve thought of everything related to your home theater equipment.

Now its time to think about decorating it, to give your fellow movie viewers the ultimate experience!

Home theater room decor

Getting the right mix of decor for your home theater room is essential. Your viewing room must have that special Hollywood presence. has the right mix of decorations which will transform your home theatre room from "bland to glam." Select special Hollywood accessories to complement your home theater room by choosing from a wide variety of movie props, including:

The possibilities are endless. You can procure a Hollywood 3-D clapboard centerpiece or large durable slate and wood director clapboard measuring 11.5" x 11". These can bookend your projection-sized television, adding the Hollywood flair to your home theater decor. If youre the type who really goes all out, use the Walk of Fame Stars as footprints, leading up the aisle to the projection screen.

The Host with the Most

Sit back in your comfy leather chair remote in hand and run your projection-sized television with ease. Or, if you wish, select a directors chair, and use a director's clapboard or porcelain Hollywood bell to signal the beginning of the movie. Your guests can sit back and enjoy their favorite beverages in a Movieland coffee mug or their favorite adult beverage in movie icons shotglasses.

Can you get it all in on the first take? Do you resemble Mr. Allen, Mr. DeMille, Mr. Hitchcock, Mr. Scorsese or Mr. Welles? Will you win the trophy for best home theater room decor?

Discover all the Hollywood items that will perfect your home theater room decor on this website. If you need assistance, do not hesitate to contact our experts for ideas to spruce up your home theater room!

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