You've hit a milestone with your business - be it an anniversary, the closing of a monster account, or it's a special holiday that you, the boss, plan to share with 100 of your closest - uhhh - well, people who work for you. Whatever the occasion, you'd prefer to throw an office party that they'll remember for years, not just file away in their memory banks as "one of those things I had to attend and pretended to have a good time."

Don't worry, we've got your back. In fact, we're chock full of office party ideas that are sure to leave your employees smiling. First, you need an office party theme. You know that everyone loves Hollywood (and trust us, you're right), so we've conquered the first hurdle. Now, it's time to accessorize with the right office party supplies! Choose from our expansive selection of:

Turn your office into a stage, and let your employees be the stars!

Reward those over-achievers with personalized award trophies, or other special gifts that are sure to leave a lasting impression. Get their attention by using your director's megaphone, and announce their names and achievements, awards-style, from behind a makeshift podium! They will feel like true stars when they come up to receive their awards.

If nobody in the company has been that special (hey, it happens), provide your employees with office party gifts that they can take home and share with their friends and loved ones, like Hollywood-themed gift baskets. If you'd rather give a single gift to each employee, search our site to find the office party gifts that best express their personalities.

The office party is over and it's time for everyone to go home. Well, no party is complete without party favors, is it? Leave a lasting impression by sending your employees off with party favor bags filled with Hollywood-themed:

It's that easy! Oh, and the mess everyone left behind? Leave that for the cleaning crew, your work is done here, boss!

Buy Movie Clapboards

Buy Movie Clapboards
Buy Director's Chairs

Buy Director's Chairs
Buy Personalized Award Trophies

Buy Personalized Award Trophies


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Ideas to Make Your Office Party "Hip!"

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