The room is dark and you and a handful of your best friends are parked in front of your new wide-screen, high-def TV, watching the introduction to your favorite timeless classic, Gone with the Wind. But this is no ordinary get-together - it's a movie night party, expertly planned by you for maximum effect! Your gal pals are flanked by life-sized cardboard cutouts of Clarke Gable and Vivien Leigh, as well as numerous Hollywood-themed posters hanging on the walls. You're sitting in your very own director's chair, as any worthy hostess should, thankyaverymuch! Your friends, having been notified of this movie night party screening by your personalized movie invitations, received red carpet treatment as they walked up your driveway (AKA your red carpet sidewalk runner), as you showered them with confetti. Now that your job is done, and your guests are happy, it's time to enjoy your film, and reap all of the oooohs and ahhhhs afterward! Your movie night party: success!

Customize your movie night ideas

So how did you find the supplies for your movie night ideas? You procured everything from, of course! From movie stills to t-shirts to clap-boards and everything in between, has everything you could possibly need to accessorize your home for a perfect movie night party. Need assistance? They can help you strategize and execute movie night ideas that are compatible with your individual taste and preferences. Comedy? Action/Adventure? Horror? Classics? From Marilyn Monroe to Elvis to Austin Powers, accessorize your home with Hollywood's best supplies, specific to your preferred genre!

Some other recommendations:

Movie party supplies for the kids

Children love the magic of Disney! Make your kids' birthday party a memorable one by picking a theme, then decking out your home with movie party supplies specific to that theme! First, take the little ones to the movie theater screening of their choice. Then, dwarf the birthday boy and greet his guests with (literally) larger-than-life Disney stand-ups of Mickey, Mini, Donald and CARS! For that special birthday girl, accessorize with Hannah Montana stand-ups, accessories and posters, and let the choreography-themed party begin!

Movie party night tips for success

1). If cost is a concern, have everyone chip in. You could even call this a "cover charge!" Your wallet will think it's a FAB idea!
2). If you're going to send invitations, make sure you send them out early, giving your guests plenty of time to free up the evening. Don't give them an excuse to be party poopers!
3). Have everyone dress in a certain "style" to complement the theme of the movie. Let everyone vote for the best "costume," and present the winner with an Hollywood gift
4). Save time and energy after the party. Use disposable "plasticware" - for food and drink. Everyone will understand. and if they don't, make them do the dishes!
5). Follow the movie with entertainment trivia - perfect for movie know-it-alls, and those who think they know it all!
6). Above all. Have fun!

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