Each year, millions of movie fanatics worldwide gather in groups and parties to enjoy the hours-long Academy Awards extravaganza, filled to the brim with the world's hottest celebs and their outlandish fashion. But how many of them know the true history behind the Oscar Awards, and understand exactly what it is they are watching, and how it came to be?

Oscar Awards History dates back 80 years. With only 250 attendees, the very first Academy Awards, held on May 16, 1929, was not broadcast, and was hosted at the prestigious Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. Throughout the years, the Awards were celebrated at Graumen's Chinese Theater, Melrose Avenue Theater, the Shrine Civic Auditorium and The Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. Since 2001, the Kodak Theatre has been home to the Awards festivities

There are numerous theories as to how the Academy Awards became know as "The Oscars" throughout history. Margaret Herrick, who was a librarian at Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Awards in the 1920s, once quipped that the award trophy "looked just like my Uncle Oscar." However, others, including Academy President Bette Davis, have claimed to have come up with the "Oscar" name themselves. Who to believe? If we told you that, it wouldn't be a "legend!"


The Oscar Award is an award statue that stands 13.5 inches high and weighs 8.5 lbs. It is comprised of nickel and silver alloy, and the surface is coated with 25-Karat gold. During the World War II era, however, such luxuries could not be afforded, and the statues were made from plaster. Marvelously designed by art director Cedric Gibbons in 1928, the "Oscar" is a knight who stands atop a film reel, sword in hand.


The electric, captivating aura Oscar Night radiates is simply breathtaking. 24-foot-tall golden Oscar statues for all to see flank the Kodak Theatre! Oscar Night is thrilling indeed, as it is an infamous show. This glittery, glamorous event is held once a year, and spectators are allowed (and encouraged) to gawk at the stars from grandstands near the Kodak Theatre.

The spectacular awards event has morphed into quite a ritual for some, who even conjure up large gambling pools before the Awards winners are announced. The big winner of the night is likely to be someone in that very room!

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